Aakash Paper Board Pvt. Lmt.

Amongst all the paperboard suppliers and fine paper traders, Aakash Paper Board Pvt. Lmt. is a distinguished supplier and trader, located in India.Moreover,our high quality papers include paperboard, prime paper, ivory board, stock lot paper,waste paper etc.

We are an end-to-end paper solutions provider, consistently delivering products and services ranging from best-in-class paper and boards in a variety of sizes.

Aakash Paper Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as a leading importer and wholesaler of all kind of Imported paper and Board. We can provide you all kind of Imported Paper and Board which includes Release Wood free paper,C1S,C2S,Duplex Board(Grey Back and White Back),SBS,FBB,Kraft Liner Board,Coloured Board,LWC,Release Paper for label industry,and all types of waste paper etc.It has a wide range of application in various industries. The company has made its mark in the market as a well known importer and wholesaler of Imported paper and Board. Our company has maintained its reputation in the Imported paper and Board with consistent performance since its inception.Our production capacity can fulfill all the requirements of our customers.

We Import and wholesale a wide range of imported paper and Board because of its increasing demand in various industries. Our all imported paper and Board are made from premium quality of material.The quality of these products are checked and tested by the team of experts for its quality assurance.

We aim to maintain high standards of customer's care.Our each product is timely examined in more details under the guidance of visionary professionals. Our reliable services are briskly admired by our honored clients.Lastly, we have systemic and integrated approach in the planning process.

We as a group, provide a complete range of services by leveraging our domain and business expertise and strategic alliances with leading paper manufacturers and suppliers world over. We cater to all kinds of clients: traders, printing houses, corporates and retail customers. We recognize the needs, limitations and expectations of all our clients. Therefore, we customize to the last detail so that our customers not only get the best deal possible but also in the most effortless manner.




  • Wood Free Paper
  • C1S
  • C2S
  • Duplex Board(Grey Back)
  • Duplex Board(White Back)
  • SBS One Side Coated
  • FBB
  • Kraft Liner Board
  • Coloured Board
  • LWC
  • Heat Transfer Paper
  • Kraft Liner Board
  • Release Paper for Label Industry
  • Coloured Paper Board